Books on Prescription

We have partnered up with a number of GP practices to enable their patients to purchase a copy of our "My Weight Loss Workbook" as if it were a prescription item, to provide attitional support with their weight loss.

This is not an actual prescription, but the opportunity to buy a copy of our book for the same price as a standard prescription in England. This is a discount of over 40% and it includes free postage and packaging.

Books on Prescription

If you have received a voucher from your GP for a copy of this book on prescription, then please follow the steps below to get your discounted copy.

The vouchers look like the illustrations below and contain a unique discount code, highlighted in yellow in the example below by the word "CODE":

Prescription Side 1 Prescription Side 2


Please enter your discount code in the box and press submit:
(The discount code is the set of letters and numbers shown in the region highlighted in yellow on the example above.)