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My Weight Loss Workbook

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We had often been complemented on the quality of our Community Fit Club resources, and after numerous requests, we created the programme in a journal-based format that can be worked through by individuals on their own.

After speaking to health professionals working in the field of weight management, it appears there are a lot of people who do not wish to attend weight management groups, but who would still like some support with their weight loss.

We are also aware that we don't have clubs operating in every corner of the UK, so the book gives those of you who don't live near a club, an opportunity to try our programme.

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It has been developed with a number of uses in mind:

"" for individuals to work through on their own
"" for friends working together to lose weight
"" for health trainers offering one-to-one support
"" as a 12-week structure for group support

The workbook is 140 pages and the programme takes its readers through the complete weight loss process, including 12 weekly lifestyle challenges to help the development of healthy new behaviours.

The first half of the book takes the reader through the basics of weight loss, setting appropriate targets, how to take measurements and how to deal with setbacks. Then there's a food section with quizzes and tools to help readers understand the healthy eating balance, a physical activity section with tools to inspire them to try new activities and to be more active and this is followed by a lifestyle skills section where they set lifestyle goals and address aspects such as motivation and support, which are critical to a successful weight loss.

The second half of the book introduces a new lifestyle challenge each week for 12 weeks. There is also 12 weeks of food and activity record sheets for readers to keep a complete record of their progress.